1. add links from "Waiting List" to categories
  2. add more links to "Browser Exploitation"
  3. add more links to "Mobile Exploitation"
  4. rename "Mitigations" sections
  5. rename all section names, change categories
  6. Browser Exploitation: add columns (software version, vulnerability type)
  7. update and sort out "Various Sutff" section
  8. split categories by pages


  1. Secure Coding: add more links
  2. Heap-Fuzzing: add more links
  3. Hardware: add categories
  4. Heap: sort out
  5. update missing CVEs
  6. fix dead links, move to webarchive
  7. update "Malware" section
  8. add more ancient links
  9. rewrite to use nunjucks template

Waiting List

These links are about to be added. ~380 Links to go...


2016 (19)

2017 (126)–Leveraging-Write-What-Where-Vulnerabilities-In-Creators-Update-wp.pdf

2018 (228) UAF (CN) (CN) (CN) (CN)

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